Streamlining our sport, promoting development and protecting clubs’ investment in players

MYSAFA is South Africa's official and only FIFA-integrated football player registration and competition management system.

By working together with all football stakeholders - from FIFA down to the smallest grassroots clubs - MYSAFA has created a digital ecosystem focused on transparency, efficiency, service delivery and uniting the football community.

Every club and player registered on MYSAFA is issued with a FIFA Connect ID. This is used to record transfers, identify talent and help ensure that developing clubs receive FIFA Training Rewards for the players they develop.

With 500,000 player registrations to date, MYSAFA enables clubs to develop the football stars of tomorrow.

An online shop where clubs and SAFA structures can spend rewards generated from promoting Inqaku Funeral Insurance encourages collective bargaining for better quality boots, kit and equipment at discounted prices.

MYSAFA and SAFA is ranked #1 in Africa and #15 in the world in terms of FIFA Player IDs issued.

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Connecting South African Football

Inqaku is a South African tech business that uses software to bring efficiency to amateur football.

In partnership with the South African Football Association (SAFA), Inqaku designed and developed and currently operates MYSAFA.

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